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Get your kids living fit in lockdown
The data is in! Lockdown restrictions have created another pandemic that is disproportionately affecting our children. Numerous research papers confirm that kids are moving less and spending more time on screens. Activity levels down Stringent lockdowns exacerbated existing issues around regular daily activity levels among children, who spend over... Read more
[SEPT] Falke Full Moon Hike
Date: 13 September 2019 The 15th season of the popular Full Moon Hike series for 2019/2020 kicks off this September. Presented by Falke and outdoor adventure experts Dirtopia, the time has come for outdoor enthusiasts and active families to dust off their hiking boots for a series of hikes... Read more
A combined weights & cardio approach may be best for overall health
There’s a conventional belief, particularly among women that to improve your health and fitness and lose weight, cardio is best. Strength training, on the other hand, is often sidelined as many women feel that it will make them ‘bulky’. Well, based on the findings from a study published in... Read more