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Health 15/05/2019 0

Avos back on trend While dairy-free iced treats made from milk alternatives and that all-time nice-cream favourite, bananas are nothing new, they’re getting a serious makeover with nutrient-dense bases like avocado, chickpeas, coconut water and sesame seeds. Avo Mousse An old classic with a modern twist, perfect for a... Read more
Melissa Braun’s ultimate fat-loss supplement stack
Melissa is an NPL-sponsored fitfluencer who has used fitness and a healthy lifestyle to overcome her anxiety and depression. “Last year I was overwhelmed by studies and personal matters at home, which took a toll on my physical and mental health. To cope, I turned to food for comfort and... Read more
Are you fighting a losing weight-loss battle?
By Cherise Potgieter & Owen Dunderdale RD (SA) Your weight gain or inability to lose weight, despite your best efforts, may be caused by a medical condition, rather than an ineffective approach to weight loss. When this happens it can often feel as if we’re stuck in the weight-loss... Read more
Don’t be a slave to the scale: We reveal the reasons behind daily weight changes
We all want to make constant progress towards our goals – it’s one of the most powerful motivators. And that’s why we often measure our progress on a regular, often daily basis. In our efforts to achieve our dream physique, everyone is eager to keep their weight loss moving... Read more
Transformation: Strong really is the new skinny for @ChrisFitbody
Christelle Mutombo’s story isn’t your typical transformation tale. She’s been healthy and slender for her entire life… too slender, in fact. “I loved my physique for the most part and the fact that I managed to stay slim while so many of my friends complained about gaining weight. I... Read more
New book release: 63 Days to Optimum Health by Sally-Ann Creed
Sally-Ann is a functional integrative nutritional therapist with a post graduate diploma in Clinical Nutrition from the prestigious International Academy of Nutrition in Sydney Australia and has authored 10 books. In her latest book, 63 Days to Optimum Health, Sally-Ann calls on advances in neuroscience to help you live... Read more
Hey, runners, you need microgreens in your diet!
Training for a marathon or ultra-marathon? You’ll want to include microgreens in your diet. Here’s why. A large amount of calories are needed when you follow a high-intensity training program. You therefore want to include a mixture of high-calorie, nutrient-dense foods without necessarily increasing food volume, explains registered dietician... Read more
5 hacks to improve your health
Most advice about improving your health centres around making meaningful and sustainable changes to your daily habits over the long term. However, there are a few hacks you can use to improve your health almost immediately… Go cold turkey on sugar Added and processed sugar has been dubbed the... Read more
Fast food gets real
Millennials are driving a shift away from traditional convenience food, preferring fresher options. As a result, fresh and organic have been the main trends in the broader food market globally, with more consumers choosing to pass the processed and convenience foods isles and rather head for the fresh produce.... Read more