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Gut check: Don’t let digestive distress put you off protein supplements
While whey protein is highly effective and beneficial, it can cause bloating and gas among those with digestive sensitivities. The more common cause of these uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing issues is lactose intolerance. READ MORE | Do you have a food intolerance? It’s probably the dairy! Whey is a... Read more
Optimise your digestion with digestive enzymes
‘You are what you eat,’ is a popular turn of phrase used in the health and fitness industries. But what that statement fails to convey is the importance that optimal digestion plays in the equation. It’s perhaps more apt to state that “you are what you absorb”. And some... Read more
Going gluten-free made easier
Gluten-free is a term that has become synonymous with healthy eating. More health-conscious individuals turning to gluten-free foods and diets in an effort to lose weight, improve their health, or better manage or eliminate a growing number of food-related conditions. The issue is that through the mainstream promotion of... Read more
Why the path to vibrant health starts in your gut
There are billions on microorganisms that live within our body, which can directly impact our health and the way we feel and function. Scientists have over the years managed to pinpoint some 10,000 distinct species of microorganisms that reside within our bodies, most of which live in our digestive... Read more
Revealing the fibre truths that impact your gut health
Gut health challenges such as constipation, diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome seem to be on the increase, due largely to the fast-paced modern lifestyles we live. Increased stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits can worsen these symptoms. Thankfully, increasing your dietary fibre intake can make a difference.... Read more
Gut it out over the holidays for optimal health
Holidays are the perfect time to sleep in, indulge and loosen the reigns on your usual diet and exercise routines for a few days, but what impact does this have on your body – more specifically, your gut health? Spending a few days in a new place locally, abroad... Read more