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USN updates PhedraCut range with Lipo X Platinum
USN Lipo X Platinum is the newest formulation in USN’s best-selling PhedraCut range. This fat burner is designed to kickstart thermogenesis and increase energy expenditure while providing a nootropic effect for increased focus, mood enhancement, focus, and energy, along with better craving and appetite control. This fat burner also... Read more
USN is Qhushing it with new Ginger flavour
Get your extreme energy boost with a refreshing ginger taste with USN’s new Spike Qhush Ginger Kick energy drink. Every 500ml can contains a high 250mg dose of caffeine, with added B-vitamins to assist energy metabolism, along with 1000mg of taurine to promote cardiovascular health and improve insulin sensitivity... Read more
3 steps to boost post-workout recovery for endurance athletes
There is hope for more mass participation events in the coming months. As training load and volume pick up after an 18-month hiatus, athletes should focus on optimising their recovery to get the most from their training. That’s because the perfect combination of training volume and intensity, properly periodised... Read more
Support your recovery after training for optimal endurance performance
A popular saying among serious endurance athletes states: “today’s performance is only as good as yesterday’s recovery”. And a key component of any recovery plan is optimal nutrition. While a balanced diet that consists predominantly of whole foods should form the cornerstone of every recovery plan, the right combination... Read more
Support your daily Hustle with NPL’s new energy drink
Nutritional Performance Labs (NPL) is looking to change the energy game with its new Hustle supercharged energy drink. Hustle contains nootropics, which offer consumers enhanced mental focus and cognitive function, improved focus and concentration, as well as increased energy but without the crash. “We’re one of the first energy... Read more
Fire up your fitness with winter training
Exercising in winter isn’t always pleasant but heading out into the cold to train can be beneficial for your health and your fitness. It may seem counterintuitive to head outdoors, braving those icy mornings or those cold, dark early evenings to exercise when the mercury plummets when you can... Read more
Feeling flat? Get the boost you need
We all need an energy boost now and then. Low energy levels from a bad night’s sleep, a low-calorie diet, or just the rush of life can make the most simple activities seem strenuous, but you need to find the energy to get through your normal day and still... Read more
Get energised with new USN Combat Games
Coming soon to Dis-Chem stores: An innovative new performance-boosting supplement from USN specially formulated for e-sports athletes. And dedicated gym-goers who shop at Dis-Chem for their energising pre-workout kick can already get their hands on an exclusive, limited edition shaker bottle. New USN Combat Games New Combat Games from... Read more
USN ups the flavour factor in pre-workout range
You can now experience the flavours from USN’s popular Qhush Spike x300 energy drink range in the brand’s potent XTS Hyperdrive pre-workout series. Every serving of USN XTS Hyperdrive dishes up 1,000 mg of GLYCERPUMP™, 65 mg of DYNAMINE™ and 25 mg of ASTRAGIN™ to deliver a powerful energy... Read more
NPL supercharges its pre-workout range
Updated pre-workout products across the NPL range now include Alpha-GPC, a nootropic compound that delivers cognitive benefits and boosts mental performance. The substance may increase brain levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is important for sustained mental focus, in addition to memory and learning. Research also suggests that supplementing... Read more