Disc-Chem Living Fit
4 ways to take your home workout to the next level
If you’re no longer seeing results from your at-home training, apply these helpful tips to keep making progress and improve your results. There are many ways to take your home-based lockdown training to the next level if your routine is feeling a little stale. It doesn’t matter if you... Read more
More ways to exercise at home thanks to Dis-Chem Living Fit
Your home workout routine just got more exciting! Dis-Chem has added new items to its popular Living Fit exercise equipment range. The latest additions include a soft yet durable yoga mat, as well as a skipping rope and a speed rope to add some intensity and variety to your... Read more
Dis-Chem launches Living Fit equipment range
You can now find a wide range of new Living Fit branded, affordable exercise equipment at your nearest Dis-Chem store and online! The extensive range, ideal for use at home or outdoors, includes high-quality equipment such as a suspension trainer, ab wheel, exercise step, toning tubes, resistance bands, mini... Read more
Hack your lockdown home workout
If you weren’t able to beat the lockdown deadline to buy yourself a resistance band, medicine ball or kettlebell for your daily workouts at home, here are a few fun and innovative ways you can add some weight to your training. Water weights If you’ve stocked up on bottled... Read more
How to lockdown your gains during these 21 days of national shutdown
Identifying the 3 aspects to keeping your gains is the first priority – nutrition, training, and supplementation. We ask around the fitness community and find out what competitive athletes are doing in their approach to maintain their physique during this period. This is a challenging time for most, but... Read more