Disc-Chem Living Fit
Intensify home workouts with a kettlebell
It’s time to ring the changes to your home workouts with an innovative and versatile Dis-Chem Living Fit adjustable ‘bell. With the ability to perform a full-body workout using a single tool, a ‘bell (commonly known as a kettlebell) is the ultimate at-home training companion. A kettlebell is an... Read more
More ways to exercise at home thanks to Dis-Chem Living Fit
Your home workout routine just got more exciting! Dis-Chem has added new items to its popular Living Fit exercise equipment range. The latest additions include a soft yet durable yoga mat, as well as a skipping rope and a speed rope to add some intensity and variety to your... Read more
Master the move: Two-arm overhead kettlebell squat
The two-arm overhead kettlebell squat is one of the most functional exercises you can perform at home or in the gym. This advanced squat variation will develop overall functional strength, particularly in the lower back, glutes and quads. It also improves your flexibility and increases thoracic, hip and shoulder... Read more