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Youthful Living protein-infused nut range grows
More of your favourite nuts are now infused with protein thanks to Youthful Living’s expanding functional foods range. Look out for two exciting new variants at your nearest Dis-Chem store soon! Youthful Living Protein Pecan Nuts are a great high-protein, low-carb snack, with only 1,4g of carbs per pack.... Read more
3 steps to boost post-workout recovery for endurance athletes
There is hope for more mass participation events in the coming months. As training load and volume pick up after an 18-month hiatus, athletes should focus on optimising their recovery to get the most from their training. That’s because the perfect combination of training volume and intensity, properly periodised... Read more
Is it time to change our thinking around next-day muscle soreness?
For many gym-goers, the measure of a good workout is that dull ache in the muscles we trained the day before. It’s not uncommon to feel too stiff to train again after your last gym session. But does severe next-day soreness do more harm than good? This feeling is... Read more
Price change on products containing whey and creatine monohydrate
Dis-Chem would like to inform customers about a price change across all products that contain whey protein and creatine monohydrate   Due to various global factors, the price changes will come into effect in December 2021. Why is this happening? Multiple global and local factors have converged that have... Read more
The complete supplement cupboard spring clean guide
Is your supplement cupboard on your spring cleaning to-do list? Before you toss out any unused products, make sure you carefully check the sell-by and use-by (or expiration) dates because there is often an important difference. When deliberating on the quality of the products you’ll likely find in your... Read more
[RECIPE] Kiwi Lime Smoothie Bowl
Smoothies are the perfect go-to breakfast or on-the-go meal option because they’re quick and convenient to make and can pack in a whole lot of nutrition. The options are endless when it comes to smoothie recipe combinations. You can’t go wrong with wholesome ingredients like fresh seasonal fruit, like... Read more
USN athlete Bauke Hanekom is larger than life
Everything in Bauke Hanekom’s life is super-sized, from his physical stature and calorie intakes to the world record he’s attempting to break. Standing 1.93 m tall and weighing 120 kilos, this personal trainer and gym owner from Cape Town needs serious energy to fuel his body – up to... Read more
This is how EVOX fuels WP Rugby
The physical demands of professional rugby are immense. Completing multiple training sessions a day, along with intense weight training in the gym and high-impact games every weekend requires quality sustenance from food and supplements for optimal recovery and peak performance. And as a predominantly power-based sport, players need to... Read more
Protein absorption rates explained
Not all proteins are created equal. For instance, animal proteins have a complete amino acid profile, while many plant-based sources do not. So optimise your results by choosing a protein that suits your goals A fast release protein like whey is ideal for use when you need an immediate... Read more
EVOX whey now in Banana Milk Bottles flavour
It’s the newest taste sensation to land on Dis-Chem store shelves. EVOX’s 100% Whey Protein Advanced is now available in a new Banana Milk Bottles flavour (coming soon to the Dis-Chem online store). Not only does it taste like your favourite childhood treat, but each serving contains a fast-uptake... Read more