It’s a special MOM-ent worth celebrating! Give your mother (or mother-figure) a gift that she’ll adore you for this Mother’s Day!

All moms are superwomen and finding a gift capable of expressing your love and appreciation for them may seem like a daunting task.

But worry not! We’re here to save the day! We’ve compiled a list of suitable gift ideas for every type of fit mom.

Take a look and give your mom what see REALLY wants on her special day…

THE YOGI: Moms who stretch it out!

This kind of mother practises the art of bending over backwards, doing whatever it takes to ensure her family is taken care of and, somehow, always manages to remain calm. Gift your yogi mom with everything she needs to find her zen:

  • Yoga mat: The perfect cushion for mom to stretch out on.
  • Foam roller: Help mom work out those knots and muscle tension.
  • Wireless ear pods: They say medicine heals the body but music heals the soul. Upgrade mom to wireless bluetooth ear pods.
  • Protein and Collagen: Help mom replenish and recover with a great-tasting post-workout protein shake. Add collagen to the mix for numerous benefits, such as promoting anti-ageing.

THE HEAVY LIFTER: Moms who look like a beauty but train like a beast.

She has the unique skill of carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and makes it look easy. But we can assure you, it’s far from easy! Take the load off by gifting mom with what she needs to get through even the toughest session:

  • Protein: Essential for muscle recovery. Spoil mom with the luxury of choice – there’s whey or plant-based protein options, or get the best of all worlds with blended protein powders.
  • Shaker bottle: If there’s one thing an avid gym-goer can’t have enough of, it’s a good shaker bottle!
  • Training accessories: Gym gloves may come in handy, especially if mom is taking her training to the next level.
  • Home gym equipment: Help mom get her home gym set up with the Dis-Chem Living Fit gym equipment range for those days when she can’t make it to the gym.

THE ATHLETE: Moms who go the distance.

Whether mom runs, rides or swims, here are a few products that will help keep her fuelled to the finish:

  • Energy bars and gels: These offer convenient and tasty sources of rapid energy.
  • Endurance shakes: Refuel. Replenish. Recover. Gift mom her favourite endurance supplements from some of the best brands on the market.
  • Fitness tracking device: Help mom keep track of her health, progress and fitness, with GPS to guide her way.

THE MASTER CHEF: Moms who show their love through food.

We all know that nothing beats mom’s cooking but how about you switch it up this Mother’s Day? Reverse the roles and prepare a meal for mom instead. Shop all your healthy food alternatives and get cooking!

  • Air frier: Making healthy eating so much easier and cut food prep time by spoiling mom with a new air frier.

THE SMOOTH(IE) OPERATOR: Moms who love to shake it up!

Upgrade mom’s smoothie game with these essentials:

  • High-powered blender: Nutritious and delicious smoothies coming right up…
  • Superfoods: Super moms require super foods. Help mom enrich her smoothies.
  • Nut butter: If your mom’s nuts about nuts, treat her to an array of nut butters.
  • Dairy milk alternatives: Explore the options, from almond, oat and soya to rice milk.
  • Frozen fruits: From berries to bananas, take your pick so mom can get inventive with her smoothie combinations.

THE WORKED UP: Moms who stress a little too much!

Some mothers worry too much but it’s only because they care. Help mom take the edge off with these stress-less aids:

There you have it… the perfect Mother’s Day gift set for your perfect mom! We hope this has inspired you to spoil that special lady in your life. Go on, she deserves it!