Project Description

Intensify your training and boost the burn to accelerate results!

Do you want to get fitter? Burn more calories? Get stronger? And leaner? 

Maybe you want to achieve all these goals simultaneously. Well, then look no further than metabolic conditioning or ‘metcon’ training. 

There are few forms of exercise better suited to blast calories, incinerate fat, build muscle and strength, and enhance your fitness and endurance than these high-intensity workouts. 

Metcons work because they target multiple muscle groups and energy systems in a single session.

These workouts generally entail alternating high-intensity intervals at an above-threshold effort that incorporate complex compound movements, with short recovery breaks in between. 

Using functional compound exercises such as squat variations or complex exercises that combine two or more movements together such as burpees, activate more muscles and burn more energy with every rep. 

As an added bonus, just about anyone can incorporate metcons into their routine. These workouts can be done using just your bodyweight or with weights to amplify the intensity.


A circuit consists of various stations where you perform a different exercise. Perform each exercise for a specific number of reps or amount of time, with minimal rest between stations. Take a short rest once an entire circuit has been completed, then repeat 3-4 times.


  • King kongs
  • Dumbbell swings
  • Renegade rows
  • Two-arm overhead dumbbell squats
  • Reverse lunge dumbbell complex
  • Stiff-legged deadlift with dumbbell rows

The AMRAP – as many reps as possible – circuit structure is a great way to keep your workout intensity high.


  • STEP 1: Do as many reps as you can in 1 minute for each exercise.
  • STEP 2: Move directly to the next station without resting.
  • STEP 3: Complete all 6 stations to perform one circuit.
  • STEP 4: Rest for up to 90 seconds between circuits.
  • STEP 5: Repeat the entire circuit 3 times.
  • STEP 6: End the session with the finisher.

King kongs

Stand over two dumbbells with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart.

HOW TO: Drop down and grab the dumbbells using a neutral grip, with both arms inside your knees. Deadlift the dumbbells by extending your legs and hips. In the upright position, hammer curl the weights up to your shoulders. Press the weights up overhead. Lower the dumbbells back down to the starting position.

king kongs

Dumbbell swings

Hold a dumbbell with both hands with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart.

HOW TO:  Bend your knees slightly, push your hips back and swing the dumbbell between your legs. Once the weight is behind you, forcefully contract your glutes and thrust your hips forward to swing the dumbbell up. Allow the dumbbell to fall back down under control between your legs, before repeating the movement sequence. 

dumbbell swings

Renegade rows

Hold dumbbells in each hand and get into a push-up position. 

HOW TO:  Lift one dumbbell up to perform a dumbbell row, then execute the row movement with the other arm before performing a push-up. That’s one rep. 

Form tip:Keep your head up and facing forward, your chest up and back straight. 

Two-arm overhead dumbbell squat

Hold a dumbbell in either hand. Stand upright with your feet positioned hip-width apart. 

HOW TO:  Press the dumbbells overhead. Look straight ahead and keep the dumbbells locked out in position above you as you hinge at the hips and bend the knees to descend into a deep squat. Extend your legs and hips to return to the upright position.

Reverse lunge dumbbell complex

Stand holding a dumbbell in either hand. 

HOW TO:  Take a big step backward with your right leg to perform a reverse lunge and lift the dumbbells up into a front raise. Push back upwards to a standing position. Then lunge back with the opposite leg and perform a lateral raise. Continue alternating in this fashion.

Stiff-legged deadlift with dumbbell rows

Stand holding dumbbells in both hands. Keep a slight bend in your knees and a neutral head position as you lower the weights down. 

HOW TO:  From the bottom position, row both dumbbells up to your sides. Lower them back down and extend back up by engaging your glutes and extending your hips. Repeat the movement sequence.

The Finisher – Tyre flip

Stand behind a tyre with your feet placed shoulder-width apart. Push your hips back, place your hands under the tyre with palms facing up, and drop into a deadlift position. 

HOW TO:  Keep your back flat and your core engaged as you drive up through your hips. Keep your head and neck in a neutral position. Lift the tyre up until it is almost vertical, then switch your hands to an overhand position and push it over onto the floor.

tire flip