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As concerns around the spread of COVID-19 rise, and efforts to contain it intensify, people are understandably avoiding crowded places.

For many, the gym tops that list because it can be a risky environment. This close proximity and the many hands that touch dumbbells, bars, kettlebells and cardio equipment buttons can increase the potential for transmission.

We’ve gathered our top workouts you can do at home to maintain your training momentum!

While gyms are implementing extra measures to boost hygiene, you may prefer to avoid this environment completely to maintain social distancing, at least for the next few weeks.

But don’t use this break as an excuse to slack off on your daily exercise regimen. It’s the ideal time to embrace home-based workouts!

The at-home workout benefits:

  • Avoid close contact with people who could be sick.
  • You’ll still get the immune-boosting benefits associated with regular exercise.
  • Enjoy the break from your traditional routine to boost enjoyment and challenge yourself in new ways.

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You can get your daily workouts done and banked with these fun yet challenging at-home workouts. All you need is your bodyweight or basic exercise equipment like a resistance band, dumbbell or kettlebell.

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Metcon bodyweight workout

Bodyweight-based resistance is a great place to start for every at-home workout. You can perform the workout anywhere, at any time because you don’t need free weights or machines – your own weight provides resistance against gravity.

If you’re concerned that these sessions won’t be as effective as weight training, don’t be. You can boost the intensity of any workout by training to time rather than reps. Adding plyometric moves, like the tuck jump, will also boost the burn and help you strengthen muscles. If you do it properly, we guarantee you’ll feel completely gassed, but super-amped to tackle your next session.

Band workout

The trusted resistance band is a versatile and functional piece of equipment that is ideal for novice and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike. Bands introduce an additional form of resistance to basic bodyweight exercises, which offers a great way to make a workout more challenging and effective.

The constant tension activates muscles during both the contraction (concentric) and the extension (eccentric) movement phases, and they don’t place the same stress on joints as dumbbells and kettlebells do. They also come in various strengths, offering different degrees of resistance from ‘light’ to ‘heavy’ to cater to every level.


Dumbbell circuit workout

Dumbbell circuits are a highly effective and efficient way to train. You only need one set of dumbbells and there is no rest between stations. It also incorporates multiple complex compound moves, which keeps your heart rate elevated to burn more calories, while also boosting fitness and building muscle and strength.

Circuits also offer opportunities to structure your workouts in different ways to keep training interesting. You can work according to volume with a target number of reps or you can work based on time intervals. In this full-body dumbbell circuit, we combine both to mix things up.

Metcon dumbbell complex

Metcon training is one of the most effective forms of training to blast calories, improve fitness, build muscle and enhance conditioning. In this full-body dumbbell complex workout, you’ll perform exercises back to back without resting between stations to deliver an outsized metabolic effect.

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