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Your Complete Guide to Supplements Your Complete Guide to Supplements
Protein supplements Accelerate recovery and boost muscle growth with the right protein supplement. Protein is the building block of muscle tissue. That’s why you... Your Complete Guide to Supplements

Protein supplements

Accelerate recovery and boost muscle growth with the right protein supplement.

Protein is the building block of muscle tissue. That’s why you need to feed your muscles with adequate amounts of protein to repair and rebuild strong, shapely muscle following intense exercise.

What protein supplements do

A well-formulated protein shake offers an effective and convenient way to deliver a precise dose of protein to muscles when they need it most.

These products are highly bioavailable, which means the digestive system is able to rapidly break down the protein into its basic components – amino acids. These amino acids are then easily absorbed into damaged muscle cells to repair and rebuild muscle, bigger and stronger than before.

Meet your nutritional requirements

Incorporating protein supplements into your nutritional plan is the ideal way to boost your daily protein intake, without all the hassle of preparing extra meals or cooking. They offer a quick, convenient, tasty and effective way to meet your daily protein requirements.

When to take your protein for maximum effect

It’s often most beneficial to drink a protein shake first thing in the morning after waking up to kickstart the muscle-building process, and soon after a workout to aid muscle repair. It is generally recommended that you consume a protein shake within 1 hour after exercise.

Protein supplements are also available in a range of tasty flavours, and it’s a really versatile ingredient that you can include in a number of tasty recipes to boost the protein content of your meals.

Weight-loss supplements

Enhance your efforts in the gym and in the kitchen to accelerate your results with effective weight-loss supplements.

Increase your metabolism and boost your fat-burning efficiency –

What weight-loss supplements do.

There are a number of weight-loss supplements you can use to achieve your body transformation goals.

Thermogenic fat burners are generally formulated to contain stimulants and other compounds that elevate your metabolism throughout day, even while you’re at rest. These supplements can also reduce appetite, and make it easier for your body to tap into fat cells for energy.

Body toners like conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and L-carnitine supplements have been clinically proven to reduce total body fat and increase lean body mass. CLA has been shown to increase lean body mass and prevent fat storage, while carnitine increases the body’s ability to metabolise stored fat, especially during exercise.

Fat-loss support products usually contain effective ingredients that aren’t stimulants, which makes them ideal for long-term use in conjunction with other products, and for those sensitive to the effects of stimulants. These products can help to boost your metabolism, burn fat, suppress appetite and reduce fat storage without the buzz.

When to take your weight-loss supplement for maximum effect

Always use weight-loss supplements as directed on the packaging. Common guidelines suggest taking a weight-loss supplement first thing in the morning to provide support throughout the day, and/or again before exercise to amplify the fat-burning effect.


Pre-workouts are specially formulated to supply your hard-working body and mind with a blend of effective ingredients and other nutrients that can enhance your workout.

More energy delivered with every beat 

What pre-workouts do

The primary function of most pre-workout supplements is to increase blood flow to working muscles, which they achieve by dilating blood vessels.

By increasing the size of the delivery ‘pipe’, these products enhance muscle pumps and supply more blood and a flood of nutrients such as oxygen, glucose, amino acids and creatine to working muscles, which muscles then use for energy.

Pre-workouts pack a performance punch

Well-formulated pre-workout supplements can also deliver increased strength and energy with a combination of effective functional ingredients that will get you through the most gruelling workouts.

There’s also a brain-boosting benefit

Many pre-workout supplements contain substances that enhance focus and concentration, which can deliver a performance benefit. Substances such as citrus aurantium, L-tyrosine and caffeine help to improve mental focus and reduce the perception of fatigue during training.

When to take your pre-workout for maximum effect

Vastly improve your workout performances, increase mental alertness, boost physical energy levels and enhance strength while improving intra-workout recovery with a well formulated pre-workout supplement.

Most products are best taken 20-30 minutes prior to training for optimal results. So drink up, power up and demolish that session!

Performance enhancers

Amplify your workout with potent performance-enhancing supplements that include effective compounds proven to increase focus, boost energy and fight fatigue. The natural way to achieve peak performance –

What performance enhancers do

Whether you’re looking for an edge in the gym, out on the road or on the sports field, the right formulation of scientifically-researched natural ingredients combined in optimal doses can deliver a significant performance boost.

A synergist combination of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and creatine can boost natural hormone production, maximise muscle pumps, increase strength, improve mental focus and motivation, and delay the onset of fatigue to help you train and race harder for longer.

When to take performance enhancer supplements for maximum effect

These potent formulations pack a serious punch, so always stick to label recommendations. Most performance-enhancer supplements are best taken 20-30 minutes prior to training or racing for optimal results.

Mass gainers

Eating for mass can be exhausting, which is why you need a mass gainer supplement. These products contain all the macronutrients and compounds your body needs to fuel massive muscle gains in a tasty and convenient shake.

The perfect combination of proteins and carbs to fuel quality growth

What mass gainer supplements do.

Gaining significant muscle mass takes effort, both in the gym and in the kitchen. You need to provide your body with surplus energy to fuel your intense training and the growth process, along with the right combination of macronutrients to rebuild muscle tissue, which is what mass gainers were designed to do!

Mass builders typically offer 400-1000 calories per serving, which makes it easier to hit your daily calorie target. Check the label to choose the right product based on your individual nutritional needs, your current whole food diet and your ultimate goal.

When to take your mass gainer supplement for maximum effect

Use these high-carb, high-protein supplements around training and first thing in the morning for the best results.

Downing a mass builder after a workout replaces lost energy stores and supercharges the anabolic process, while an early-morning mass builder shake helps to kickstart the anabolic process after the night-time fast to limit muscle loss and replenish energy.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are the perfect way to get a mental or physical boost before training or during races.

A surge of energy when you need it most –

What energy drinks do

Energy drinks generally contain quick-acting stimulants that deliver an immediate kick. Substances like caffeine are proven to enhance alertness and focus, improve your mood, boost endurance, reduce feelings of fatigue and enhance movement efficiency.

Certain products can also contain additional beneficial ingredients like electrolytes, amino acids and carbohydrates which also help to boost performance and sustain energy levels.

When to take your energy drink for maximum effect

Always follow the dosing guidelines provided on the packaging, but most energy drinks are best taken 20-30 minutes before intense exercise.

Athletes can also use energy drinks during longer-duration activities to increase alertness and revive mental focus, while also benefiting from the energy boost they deliver.

Ready-to-drink shakes

Get all the benefits of a protein supplement in the convenience of an already mixed, ready-to-drink (RTD) shake. The most convenient way to boost your protein intake –

What RTD supplements do

Whether you need a healthier on-the-go snack that fits into your hectic lifestyle, or a convenient post-workout drink, these handy products provide highly bioavailable protein in a quick and convenient pre-packaged product to boost your protein intake.

When to drink your RTD for maximum effect

You can drink a tasty RTD at any time of the day if you need a meal replacement, or you can use it as post-workout shake directly after training to aid recovery.

Nutritional bars

Nutritional bars are formulated to provide a healthy meal alternative, all wrapped up in a quick, tasty and convenient snack-sized bar. They’re easy to carry with you wherever you go and ensure you get your protein and other nutrients while satisfying your hunger the healthy way.

A healthier and convenient snack option –

What nutritional bars do

Nutritional bars offer a healthier alternative to sugar-laden snack options found at your typical retail outlet or convenience store.

Supplement and functional food manufacturers have also introduced significant taste innovations into this product category, to the point where many bars taste even better than a chocolate bar!

When to eat your nutritional bar for maximum effect

Unwrap and enjoy this tasty snack whenever you want to replace a meal without sacrificing on your nutritional intake, or need a healthier on-the-go snack option that won’t add unwanted sugar and calories to your diet.

Endurance drinks

Tap into a readily-available and concentrated form of liquid energy to sustain your performance and stave off fatigue.

Liquid-form energy that delivers an immediate boost to sustain intense efforts.

In the quest for improved performance, endurance athletes rely heavily on well-formulated supplements for that extra edge during training and racing. Through on-going research into this supplement category, endurance athletes today have many options from which to choose.

While carbohydrate-only drinks and powders remain the dominant product category, carb-protein blends that often also contain performance-boosting ingredients such as caffeine and electrolytes have emerged as beneficial and effective options.

What endurance drinks do

Liquid energy is easy to get down, even during intense efforts, and provides an immediate energy source. The carbs contained in these drinks provide glycogen to working muscles, which they can easily absorb and utilise to sustain intense efforts.

Carb-protein blends deliver an added benefit in the form of amino acids, which can be used to produce energy and help to limit muscle damage, which can lessen the body’s recovery requirements after training or racing.

When to drink endurance drinks for maximum effect

Endurance drinks are best consumed just before exercise to top up glycogen reserves and provide a readily-available glucose supply to muscles in the bloodstream, and during a training session or race to top up depleted glycogen levels.

For optimal results, it is generally advised that endurance athletes consume 60-90g of derived carbs in total (liquid, bars and gels) per hour during demanding training sessions and all-effort race efforts.

Endurance Bars

Suppress hunger pangs and sustain energy release to working muscles during training or racing with a solid food bar.

Snack-sized convenience that delivers both immediate and sustained energy.

Sustain energy levels during training or racing to deliver peak performance with intelligently-formulated endurance bars.

Bars provide easily-digestible sources of fast- and slow-release carbohydrates for an immediate and a more sustained energy release. This also makes them ideal for use during prolonged, sub-maximal efforts such as ultra-endurance events or long training runs or rides.

Why endurance bars offer beneficial nutritional support

Endurance bars offer athletes a whole food alternative that can break the monotony of liquid-derived calories from endurance drinks with different taste and texture profiles.

The ‘bulk’ from bars can also help to limit hunger pangs commonly experienced during longer duration endurance events.

Many endurance bars are also fortified with additional ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals and protein, which can aid energy production or limit muscle damage during exercise and kickstart the recovery process.

The best time to use endurance bars

Ideal for use before and during training or races. Endurance bars offer a convenient snack before a race or training session to top up energy levels. They can also be easily carried with you during races to provide an energy source that augments your liquid energy intake to aid digestive comfort.

For optimal results, it is generally advised that endurance athletes consume 60-90g of derived carbs in total (liquid, bars and gels) per hour during demanding training sessions and all-effort race efforts.

Endurance On The Go

Top up depleted glycogen stores with a precise dose of easy-to-carry concentrated energy when you need it most.

A convenient and precise dose of concentrated energy for an immediate boost.

Carrying food for energy during training or racing can be inconvenient, which is why single-serving gels or easy-to-carry tablets that deliver a concentrated dose of quick-release carbohydrates have become so popular among serious athletes.

Why endurance gels can assist

Most endurance gels or tabs contain 25-30g of high GI carbohydrates per serving, which means the body can easily digest it to provide readily-available energy, even during the most intense efforts. Due to the concentrated energy supply, it’s vital to drink ample plain water when ingesting an endurance gel or tablet to avoid digestive distress or discomfort.

A growing number of gels also contain added electrolytes, caffeine, vitamins or amino acids to enhance absorption and increase effectiveness.

The best time for on-the-go energy

Gels and tabs are best used during events to keep glycogen levels topped up and replace lost electrolytes.

They are also ideal for use in the later stages of a race or training session, when blood begins to pool in the legs. This means there is less blood supply available to the digestive system, which can make it difficult to digest solid food or bars.

For optimal results, it is generally advised that endurance athletes consume 60-90g of derived carbs in total (liquid, bars and gels) per hour during demanding training sessions and all-effort race efforts.

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