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Safe return to exercise vital for long COVID sufferers
According to official statistics, some 3,000,000 South Africans have contracted COVID-19 since the virus first arrived in the country. Among those who exhibited symptoms, some recovered quickly while others experienced lingering health problems that lasted for weeks or even months. Those who experience longer-term effects are known as ‘long... Read more
[RECIPE] Kiwi Lime Smoothie Bowl
Smoothies are the perfect go-to breakfast or on-the-go meal option because they’re quick and convenient to make and can pack in a whole lot of nutrition. The options are endless when it comes to smoothie recipe combinations. You can’t go wrong with wholesome ingredients like fresh seasonal fruit, like... Read more
Eat with ease thanks to ‘free-from’ foods
Food intolerances have become more common in recent years, which has fuelled a growing range of ‘free-from’ health foods. A food intolerance generally refers to an adverse reaction to food caused by an inability or difficulty in digesting or metabolising a particular food or ingredient, rather than an immune... Read more
Study shows turmeric extract may lessen Alzheimer-linked organ damage
A potent turmeric extract has been shown in new research to help lessen the potentially fatal damage from Alzheimer’s disease on not only the brain but also on peripheral organs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. At least 55... Read more
Up your antioxidant intake with these foods
Our bodies need ample antioxidants to help protect our cells and DNA from the damage caused by free radicals. While this damage forms part of various natural processes, free radical production can spiral out of control due to chronic stress – life, emotional, exercise, diet and/or environmental stresses. The... Read more
Manage stress and improve mental health with these supplements
October is Mental Health Month and there has never been a more important time to raise awareness about mental health and address the stigma and misconceptions that people have about mental illness. As we continue to navigate this unprecedented period in our lives, it is vital to find healthy... Read more
The carb compromise: Find the right balance to achieve your goals
Low-carb, high-fat diets aren’t for everyone. In fact, there is still uncertainty about these diets’ long-term effects and the potential impact that constantly training at high intensities in a glycogen-depleted state can have on the body. But more people are realising that insulin is a major cause of many... Read more
Use spring to switch to seasonal eating
Spring is a wonderful time for every health-conscious eater because of the abundance of fresh, seasonal foods that become available at our local greengrocers and organic food stores. While advances in modern farming and food preservation techniques mean that we can find certain fresh foods in supermarkets all year... Read more
How antioxidants help your health and recovery
Free radicals have gained a bad reputation in mainstream media over the years. Their highly reactive nature means these molecules can potentially damage cells, proteins and DNA, and they are, therefore, linked to various conditions such as premature ageing and many chronic degenerative diseases. However, the nuance lost in... Read more
Life in the fit lane – with Shashi Naidoo
Shashi found strength from fitness during lockdown. Beyond being a model, actress, media personality, brand ambassador and influencer, Shashi Naidoo is also a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Her businesses include Alushi Model Management and Alushi Aesthetics, an aesthetic laser clinic and spa, which had to close for five... Read more