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5 gym bag essentials
Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, serious lifter or weekend warrior, there are a few essentials you should have with you for every training session. These tools will help make your exercise experience more effective and enjoyable, whether you’re training inside or outside the gym. 1. Gym gloves Protect your... Read more
Jason Dunning breaks down NPL’s no proprietary blend policy
NPL-sponsored physique athlete Jason Dunning knows more than most when it comes to understanding supplements. In addition to his experience as a competitive IFBB Pro bodybuilder, he’s also a highly qualified fitness professional. Jason is an exercise physiologist who holds a Masters of Science in Medicine and Exercise Physiology... Read more
7 ways to shed belly fat and bust that gut for a ripped six pack
Whether you’re a competitive physique athlete or simply someone who takes pride in your physique, achieving a shredded mid-section is probably your main goal (in addition to packing on as much muscle as possible, of course). Unfortunately achieving a thin, ripped six-pack requires more than just a hardcore ab... Read more
Limit muscle loss, boost recovery with a peri-workout supplement plan
The research behind post-workout nutrition is clear – highly bioavailable protein supplements aid recovery by boosting muscle repair and growth. But post-workout nutrition is just one element of a broader approach to performance nutrition. Find out why protein supplement timing matters to body composition. The notion that exercise-induced muscle... Read more
Jason Dunning’s lean muscle gain stack
Read on to discover the supplement stack that helped to craft IFBB Pro Jason Dunning’s legendary, contest-winning X-frame physique. “If you’re looking to pack on impressive slabs of lean muscle as fast as you possibly can, without putting on fat, then this is the supplement stack for you,” states... Read more
Supplements to help you lose weight faster
While quick-fixes seldom work or, at the very least are unsustainable over the long-term, there are ways that we can accelerate weight loss. Well-formulated supplements can boost the effectiveness of our diets and training plans to help us reach our goals sooner. Here are six effective supplements to aid... Read more
Ditch the scale to gain better insights into how your body is changing
For most of us, the measure for any successful transformation tends to be the direction in which the needle on the scale moves. However, tracking your weight is a blunt, one-dimensional metric that we rely on far too often as a benchmark to measure our progress. Did you know... Read more
Full Body Band Workout

Full Body Band Workout Hot

Gym 12/07/2019

Perfect for beginners A band is the ideal way to take the next step in your journey to fully-fledged weight training in the gym. If you followed our beginner’s bodyweight program then it’s time to take the next step to this full body band workout. As seen in Dis-Chem’s Living... Read more
5 Moves For Mass

5 Moves For Mass

Gym 08/07/2019

Massive gains in strength and size Muscle mass is formed in the gym, and the best exercises to achieve this are major compound lifts. This workout illustrates the 5 best moves to gain maximum muscle mass. With more muscle activated during every rep, compound exercises cause the greatest amount... Read more
Nail your night-time nutrition to boost recovery & limit muscle loss
Quality sleep is essential for optimal growth – it’s when numerous biological process get to work to repair the damage caused during training, and daily life. It’s during REM sleep when our bodies enter a heightened anabolic state, which rejuvenates and repairs the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems.... Read more