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Up your game with Zinmag Sport tablets
Zinmag Sport tablets contain a specially formulated blend of minerals and vitamins for sportspeople and active individuals. This supplement helps to prevent muscle cramps and assist with recovery after strenuous exercise. The combination of zinc methionine, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6, known as ZMA®, promotes muscle function and muscle... Read more
6 tips to boost immunity during winter
We all know that the icy winter weather brings with it the dreaded cold and flu season. Infection risks rise as people spend more time indoors, which makes it easier to transmit viruses between people at work, the gym and at home. To give you a fighting chance this... Read more
Give your immune system supplement support this winter to help ward offs colds and flu
Our bodies require various vitamins and minerals to support the immune systems, especially during periods when it experiences heightened demands to ward off cold and flu viruses and other infections. While a healthful and wholesome diet should provide most of these nutrients, we can sometimes experience shortfalls or deficiencies... Read more
Study suggests regular, structured exercise sufficient to lower risk of mental illness
Maintaining an active lifestyle and exercising regularly has stronger mental health benefits than intermittent bouts of intense aerobic activity, a new study has found. The Swedish study, which surveyed 36,000 middle-aged males and females over 30 days, found that frequent moderate exercise is more strongly linked to improved mental... Read more
Cover your immunity bases this winter with Biogen’s expanded range
Biogen has added numerous new immune-support supplements to its already extensive range. These innovative formulations can help you boost your immunity ahead of winter to potentially help ward off or combat colds, flu and other viruses. READ MORE: Give your immunity a Biogen boost Antioxidant boost Enhance immunity and... Read more
BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY Vitamin & Mineral Range Is #FUEL4LIFE!
Consistency is key when it comes to optimal health, and a daily dose of vitamins and minerals is the best way to ensure your body stays in fine form. Did you know that your body needs at least 30 vitamins and dietary components every day, but cannot manufacture them... Read more
Give your performance a boost with magnesium and B vitamins
You probably already know that getting the right nutrients and living an active life is important for our health. But did you know certain vitamins and minerals could help to boost your physical performance, too? Magnesium and B vitamins have a synergistic relationship. When combined, they have the potential... Read more
Entrust your health to the experts with the BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY range
The desire to stay healthy has sent many scrambling for any form of vitamin and mineral supplement but meeting this need shouldn’t come at the expense of expert advice and quality products. Rising to the challenge, Adcock Ingram has launched BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY, a new daily vitamin and mineral supplement... Read more
Vitamin packs: Small supplements that pack a big punch
Our bodies need ample vitamins and minerals for many biological processes related to energy production, muscle growth and overall health and wellness. Certain vitamins play crucial roles in turning food into energy through various metabolic pathways. For example, B vitamins help to metabolise the energy contained in carbohydrates. Important... Read more
Brittle bones are made or saved in your 20s
With so many vitamin supplements available on the market, consumers can often feel overwhelmed and might be unsure of which are most relevant to their needs. Take, for instance, millennials, many of whom don’t realise that a calcium supplement isn’t just for their grandparents. The truth is, it’s important... Read more