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Early testing saves men’s lives
According to global research, one in every six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, with over 60% of men being diagnosed over the age of 65. “Age is just one factor,” says Prof Michael Herbst, Head of Health at CANSA. “For example, studies show that the... Read more
Break bad bedtime habits to sleep better
To ensure a calm mind and a brain that is ready to sleep when the lights go out it’s important to turn off all screens at least an hour before bedtime, and that includes not checking your phone! Those who fail to heed this advice can suffer from a... Read more
5 hacks to improve your health
Most advice about improving your health centres around making meaningful and sustainable changes to your daily habits over the long term. However, there are a few hacks you can use to improve your health almost immediately… Go cold turkey on sugar Added and processed sugar has been dubbed the... Read more
More reason to sleep better, now!
Modern life’s prevailing ‘work hard, play hard’ culture often leads to a lack of adequate sleep, particularly in our younger years when we’re trying to work our way up the corporate ladder while still enjoying a social life and remaining active. And we all know the immediate or short-term... Read more
Fast food gets real
Millennials are driving a shift away from traditional convenience food, preferring fresher options. As a result, fresh and organic have been the main trends in the broader food market globally, with more consumers choosing to pass the processed and convenience foods isles and rather head for the fresh produce.... Read more
Become a super sleeper with these tips and sleeping aids
You don’t build muscle in the gym, you build it between sessions when you body recovers, and sleep is a vital component of that process. Accordingly, getting the required amount of sleep each night is an essential element of every plan aimed at developing your physique, improving your strength... Read more
7 steps to your leanest body ever
Dropping your body fat levels too low digits and building more muscle are two ways to get a rocking hot body. These 7 steps are how you do it 1. Eat lean – eat clean Your diet is the most important factor in your quest for low body fat... Read more
Raw power: Eat more raw food for improved health, increased energy and longevity.
As the Westernised world continues to gorge themselves with refined and overly processed foods, an increasing number of people around the globe are turning to raw food to restore their health, vitality and wellness back to the way mother nature intended. That’s not to say they’re converting to raw... Read more
The unseen danger of visceral body fat
For most the fight against fat is disproportionately focused on the reduction of subcutaneous fat – the fat found directly under the skin that shapes our outward appearance. Few give much thought, if any, to visceral fat – the fat deposits in our abdomen that surround our organs. When... Read more
Calories and kilojoules: Know the difference, it’s important!
If you’ve ever taken your diet seriously, whether it’s to transform your body, improve your health or boost your performance then you’ll undoubtedly have come across the terms calories and kilojoules. The problem is that the two are often used interchangeably and has create common a misunderstanding of the terms.... Read more