While muscle cramps are extremely common among endurance athletes, the potential causes are varied.

As such, when a cramp strikes, you have a few potential remedies at your disposal depending on which muscle or cramp you experience.

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Why you cramp

The easiest issue to address is ensuring adequate hydration and electrolyte intake during races.

If the same muscles cramp during races, then you may need to address a strength imbalance or review your training program to identify any possible conditioning shortfalls.

Whatever the reason, when a cramp sets in, or you start to feel the initial twitches you should:

  1. Decrease your pace or intensity.
  2. Don’t stop, if possible. Keep moving the muscle and try to extend it through a fuller range of motion.
  3. Sip on a carb-electrolyte drink or a gel to see if this helps – be careful not to drink too much, though.
  4. If a cramp sets in, stretch the affected muscle with a simultaneous contraction of the opposite (antagonist) muscle to try and calm the reflex.