Elite triathlete James Cunnama, who returned to winning ways in 2019 with a win at Ironman France-Nice in June, relies on Biogen’s quality supplements to fuel his racing performances and support his recovery demands.

I was very impressed with the Biogen range after testing their products. The range ticks all the boxes in terms of what I need, from racing fuel to recovery drinks,” states James.

Quality and contents assured

A major factor in his decision to seal a sponsorship deal with the local supplement brand is the fact that the products he uses are certified by Informed-Sport via the Informed-Choice program.

“This ensures I can rest easy knowing that I won’t test positive for banned substances. The fact that Biogen is also a local brand was another major factor that sealed our new partnership, which I’m very excited about.”

Fuelled for performance

In terms of his supplement stack, James uses the Biogen Perform X range and he sticks to the basics.

“My race nutrition plan has remained pretty consistent throughout my career. I rely on gels and liquid carbs to get the calories in, with a few bars if needed. I also like to include some caffeine on the run and electrolytes throughout the event.”

During races, James uses:

For recovery, James uses: