Sticking with the newest trends that narrow the gap between sports supplements and performance foods, Biogen has developed a premium plant-based version of its popular BULK Mass Gainer.

Biogen BULK RAW Food Gainer forms part of the Biogen Well Range and is made with real food sources. The shake is formulated with rice and pea protein to deliver 27g of protein per serving to help limit muscle breakdown after training and promote overall muscle recovery.

A combination of sweet potato, raw oats and rice pack in 47g of quality carbs per serving to assist in replenishing glycogen stores and boosting energy levels during training.

It’s a more natural way to gain lean muscle for those following a clean diet and/or vegan or dairy-free lifestyle.

Available from select Dis-Chem stores and online in a Cocoa flavour, which is made with 100% natural cocoa, and Vanilla.