Looking for a quick and convenient protein source? Look no further than high protein RTDs and bars

In today’s fast-paced on-the-go lifestyle, it’s not always easy to find a nutritious snack when you’re on-the-run.

Thankfully, supplement manufacturers are meeting the growing demand for portable convenience foods among increasingly health-conscious consumers.

Walk into your local Dis-Chem and you’ll find a host of better-for-you snack options ideal for today’s grab-and-go world.

Protein in everything!

Modern consumers are no longer willing to sacrifice quality for convenience’s sake as people become more health-conscious, especially fitness enthusiasts and millennials. This has driven growth in the functional convenience food product category.

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Within this segment, protein is proving to be more popular than ever, with the protein-in-everything manufacturing trend gaining momentum.

This has led to an explosion in product innovations, specifically in the realm of protein bars and ready-to-drink (RTDs) products.

RTDs on the rise

RTDs are also popular snack options because their high protein content makes them satiating, similar to a dense, nutrient-packed smoothie but without the prep time and need to clean up afterwards.

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They are the epitome of convenience – ready-made, with no prep required. Simply pop off the top and enjoy! No mixing required. What could be easier?

You can’t beat the convenience value proposition of an RTD. The texture and mouthfeel of these shakes also offer a higher standard to mix-at-home powder options, which consumers often find appealing.

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A better bar

If you’re looking for a snack that delivers a bit more ‘bulk’, then protein bars may be a better option. They certainly offer a better alternative to your typical convenience store chocolate bar or snack.

Protein bars are formulated to offer a meal replacement or snack, all wrapped up in a quick and convenient option. They’re a great way to avoid processed or fast-food snacks while boosting your daily nutritional intake.

They are also convenient because it’s easy to take them with you to work or university, or anywhere that you need to get your protein or satisfy your hunger without unwanted added sugar and excess calories.

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Protein bars are also available in several interesting flavours as manufacturers continue to innovate and find new ways to differentiate their offering in an increasingly cluttered and highly competitive market.

Similarly, certain products may also contain additional ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and probiotics, offering consumers added health or nutritional benefits.

With so many flavours and convenient options available, the selection of protein bar and RTDs at your local Dis-Chem should certainly shift your perception of the ideal go-to snack.

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