Fat burners are a popular supplement category with numerous different products available today.

But with so many options, how should you go about choosing the right fat burner?

The fat burner’s role

Fat burners are designed to increase your metabolism and boost energy, which will increase the number of calories you burn, while also reducing appetite.

While fat burners can help to enhance fat loss in these ways, they’re only going to help if you follow a proper diet.

Other ingredients in fat burners can increase the production of hormones like epinephrine. Also known as adrenaline, this hormone is secreted by the adrenal glands and increases blood circulation, breathing rate, and carbohydrate metabolism, and prepares muscles for exertion during exercise.

Potent ingredients

L-Carnitine is also often added to break down fats and make them ready for the body to use as a fuel source.

There are also various forms of caffeine to give you the energy boost you need when dieting and training, such as Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract, Citrus Aurantium Extract or Synephrine, and the ever-popular Caffeine Anhydrous for energy and mental focus.

A few fat burners also contain Dandelion. It acts as a diuretic for those who would like to lose water weight.

Other potential components in an effective product include nootropic agents like L-Tyrosine, which can help release feel-good hormones in the brain.

Certain advanced fat-burning formulations will also contain Coleus Forskolii, an amazing compound that increases cellular levels of a molecule called cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Elevated cAMP levels are associated with increased fat-loss rates and can improve the effects of other fat-burning compounds.

An advanced formulation

NPL Thermo Fuel is a revolutionary enhanced weight control aid designed to target body fat and preserve lean muscle.

NPL Thermo Fuel combines extreme thermogenic ingredients that work synergistically to increase core body temperature and accelerate your metabolism.

This potent formula is designed to optimise fat oxidation, which has a direct impact on the rate your body utilises stored body fat as an energy source.

NPL Thermo Fuel will also help you combat hunger and melt away the fat as you experience heightened levels of focus and extreme energy to train like never before.