Nhlanhla Vilakazi is a doctor, IFBB Muscular Physique competitor and Biogen-sponsored athlete.

He has been competing for just over a year but has been a fitness enthusiast for as long as he can remember.

Growing up, I always seemed to find myself promoting physical exercise and fitness initiatives”, says Nhlanhla.

It was while he was completing his studies that he made his first exploits into the industry as a fitness model.

It was then when I realised my deep passion for the aesthetic male physique – the untainted and artistic development of symmetrical muscles as well as cardiovascular fitness.” This would become the main contributing factor to his success in the industry.

Incorporating his love of fitness and health into his career keeps Nhlanhla going. He takes every opportunity to utilise the platform provided to him as a doctor to not only treat patients but also educate them on the benefits of training, nutrition and general health.

“I find that patients respond better to me if I look the part”, says Nhlanhla.

Nhlanhla’s views on being a Biogen athlete and part of #TeamRED:

“My career so far has been an incredible journey and I feel honoured to finally be recognised and rewarded by becoming a brand ambassador for one of South Africa’s leading sports nutrition brands, Biogen. Being part of #TeamRED is amazing. The brand has supported me immensely in chasing my dreams and establishing myself within the fitness industry.”

Nhlanhla on balancing his busy work schedule as a doctor with training, dieting and competing:

“Meal prep is vitally important. ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. I live by this concept. I carry my food with me everywhere I go. My food cooler is like my cellphone. Having ready-to-go meals packed helps me avoid the temptation to deviate from my diet.”

Nhlanhla’s normal training split:

  • Mondays: Leg day – Quads and hamstrings
  • Tuesday: Chest and triceps
  • Wednesday: Back and biceps
  • Thursday: Abs and Shoulders
  • Friday: Leg day
  • Saturday: Any muscle group which I feel was untrained or needs more attention.
  • Sunday: Rest

Nhlanhla’s supplement stacks

He changes his plan in response to changes in his nutritional needs and training regimens, according to whether he is in-season preparing for a show or off-season and looking to add more size.

Nhlanhla’s in-season supplement stack includes:

Nhlanhla’s off-season supplement stack includes:

Nhlanhla adds that vitamins and minerals are major contributors to his overall functioning and well-being. These are his current favourites from the Biogen Platinum range:

Nhlanhla’s advice: Always trust the process because the best achievements in life are earned.

Yay or Nay?

Cardio in show prep? Yay, definitely needed to decrease water retention and bring out detail on stage.

Gym selfies? Nay, I don’t touch my phone during workouts as it tends to distract me.

Train legs in short shorts? Yay, I love seeing my quads while I train them.

Abs are made in the kitchen? Yay, abs are definitely boiled and grilled in the kitchen.

Training partners? Yay, training partners push you to the limit.

Goal-setting? Yay, we all know the old saying that failing to plan is planning to fail.

Ab checks at every opportunity? Nay, I find them to be the easiest to maintain so I hardly ever check them.

Fit-tech? Yay, my Apple Watch is literally a blessing to my cardio. I wouldn’t do as much cardio without it.

Athlete stats:

  • In-season weight: 83kg
  • Off-season weight: 79kg
  • Height: 1.75m
  • Hometown: Soweto